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Jim Reynolds is a songwriter and band leader of 'The Jim Reynolds Band', based in Los Angeles, California.  Jim finds inspiration from a wide range of artists, including (but my no means limited to) Neil Young, Michael Jackson, Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder, Tom Waits, Radiohead, LCD Soundsystem,  a Tribe Called Quest, Blackstreet, Cat Power, Mayer Hawthorne and name a few. Jim strives to create music that encourages those within earshot to sing along, and dance a little; when the beat is right.  The JRB has released three albums “De los Muertos” (4.20.2013), “La Rana” (12.6.2013) and “Perfect for Listening” (7.1.2106). “Glitter Bomb” is scheduled for release on July 22, 2018. The first single, “Firefly” will be released May 22nd.  All Jim’s recordings have been released on Vow Records. Jim has been on the road a lot over the years both nationally and internationally and continues to travel and perform his music today. He has toured internationally to The UK, Spain, Canada and Mexico.  In the US, he's toured the coasts and the big ones in the middle: Los Angeles, New York, Portland, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC and lots of other stops big and little in between. He has also had his music featured in film and television. Most notably: 'Sons of Anarchy,' 'Franklin and Bash' and the film 'Embrace of the Vampire'.  Lately, Jim's Los Angeles lineup has been a true power trio, featuring on Drums and Leif Banting on bass guitar.  Jim likes to sing most of all.  When in Mexico or at Burning Man, Jim's lineup includes Mojowoman, and their nickname is “Discoballs Deep: the disco-funk explosion.”  Jim continues to travel, record, film and perform his music today. Jim's catalog is administered by Renee Travis with Heyday Media Group.


Cave Country

Madeline Flash



Jim Reynolds – My Kicking Feet (Nocturnal Sol) - December, 2012

[single, featured on 'In This Together' compilation]

Jim Reynolds – De Los Muertos (Vow, HeyDay Media, Night Hawk [UK]) - April 20, 2013

[full length, acoustic, favorite previous works]

Jim Reynolds – La Rana (Vow, HeyDay Media)  - December 6, 2013

[full length, new material]

The Jim Reynolds Band - Perfect for Listening  - August 18, 2016

[full length, new material]


The Jim Reynolds Band - Glitter Bomb  (Tenative - May, 2017)

[full length, original]


<<<<...see Cave Country and Madeline Flash...>>>>



-Embrace of the Vampire film, song: "Magic" [release-date undetermined]

-Franklin and Bash(TNT) Song: “Banana Pony;” aired 6/5/12 Episode #0201 (Season Premier)

-Sons of Anarchy(FX) Song: “Panda Party”, aired 10/19/2010 episode #0307

-Nicks Big Show (web-series) 6 episodes, Original Score.

(Comedy Central/ (Cave Country), Aired: March-April 2009; still running

-Sonic Assassin (Sideways Through Soud - Sydney, Australia) 

[Regular feature on the show; an on-air interview]



-Oko (San Miguel de Allende, Mexico) (Jim Reynolds)

-Red Devil Lounge (San Francisco) (Cave Country)

-Spaceland [Satellite] (Los Angeles) (Cave Country)

-Laurelthirst Pub (Portland, OR) (Cave Country)

-Carter Valley Music Festival (Yosemite, CA) (Madeline Flash, Jim Reynolds)


-London, England [Café Oto] (Jim Reynolds)

-Barcelona, Spain [Wedding] (Jim Reynolds)

-Montreal, QC, Canada [Café Popolo, Suoni Festival] (Jim Reynolds)

Brooklyn, NY [Zebulon, Pete’s Candy Store] (Jim Reynolds)

-Washington DC [Velvet Lounge] (Jim Reynolds)

-Philadelphia, PA [Studio 34 {Folkadelphia}] (Jim Reynolds)

-Seattle [The High Dive, Conor Byrne] (Cave Country)

-Portland [Kelly’s Olympian, Mississippi Pizza, Valentines, The Woods] (Cave Country, Madeline Flash)

-San Francisco [111 Minna Gallery, Brainwash Café] (Cave Country, Madeline Flash)

-Los Angeles [Hotel Café, House of Blues, The Echoplex, The Echo, Viper Room, Malibu Inn] (Cave Country, Madeline Flash, Jim Reynolds)

-Santa Cruz [The Catalyst] (Cave Country)

-San Luis Obispo [Downtown Brew, Art Minds, The Sanitarium B&B] (Cave Country, Madeline Flash)

-Ventura [Rubicon Theater, Zoey’s, Mai’s, Billy O’s, Bombays] (Cave Country)


Pokey La Forge, Kath Bloom, James Apollo, No Motiv, Truth and Salvage Co, Levi Strom, Johnathan Tyler and Northern Lights, Alela Diane, Port O’Brien, The Fuegos (UK), Ariana Delawari, Leopold and his Fiction, Viking Moses, Mia Doi Todd, Sparrows Gate, Blasting Co., Tommy Santee Klaws, Alina Hardin, Buttercream Gang, and Hod, Snowblink, The Quiet Life, Dorian Wood, Frank Fairfield, Amanda Jo Williams, Or The Whale, The Crow and the Wolf, Tall Tales and the Silver Lining, Seth Peterson, Neal Casal, Pokey La Forge, Jennifer Castle



Nevada City, Santa Barbra, Santa Cruz, Visalia, Davis, Sacramento, Corvallis, Spokane, Sandpoint ID, Oakland, Berkeley, Redding UK, Bristol UK, South Tahoe, Ventura, Orange County, Carmel, Big Sur, Mt. Shasta, Bolinas, Caspar, Mariposa, New Haven, Burlington VT 



Neil Young, Tom Waits, Vetiver, Radiohead, Guided By Voices, Johnny Cash, George Harrison, Michael Jackson, Billie Holiday, Doc Watson, Bil L, James Blake, Daft Punk, Black Star, The Beatles, Burt Bacharach, Bon Ivar, Talking Heads, Joao Gilberto, Frank Sinatra, Broken Bells, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Flaming Lips and dance halls everywhere. 

Los Angeles, CA / (818) 455-9298/